Commercial Solar Mounting

Our commercial solar solutions feature low part-count mounts that are quick to install. They’re also corrosion- and weather-resistant, designed to withstand the elements for decades. If you’re interested in a roof-mounted system, choose from a fully ballasted option like the Ballasted Power Rail (BPRM) or the simple Power Rail™ system. We also offer a variety of versatile pole-mounted ground solutions. Learn more by clicking on products below for pricing, brochures and sell sheets or calling (440) 461-5200.


Roof Mounts


Ballasted Power Rail Mount BPRM

Ballasted Power Rail (BPRM)


POWER XPRESS® Ballasted Roof Mount

Power Rail

Power Rail™ Mounting System (PRM)

 Ground Mounts

Multi Pole Mount MPM

Multi-Pole Mounts G2 (MPM-G2)

Large Ground Mounts (LGM)

Large Ground Mounts (LGM)

Top of Pole Mount TPM

Top-of-Pole Mounts (TPM)

Side of Pole Mount SPM

Side-of-Pole Mounts (SPM)

SR Series™ Solar Ready
Shade Structures

Universal Top-of-Pole Mounts (UTPM)



Power Box™

Preformed Line Products - DPW Solar